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Col (GRC-A) Panagiotis GEROGLIS




  Colonel (GRC-A) Geroglis Panagiotis was born in 1967 in Athens – Greece. Was admitted to the Hellenic Military Academy in 1986, where graduated in 1990 as Second Lieutenant ( Armor / Cavalry).

  His service records include various command assignments in armoured Units, as follows:

Armoured Plt and Coy Cdr,

Special Reconnaissance  Armoured Unit Cdr,

Battalion Cdr,

and other command posts such as :

National Guard Unit Cdr,

MMLC / HAGS  Cdr (Military Multilingual Learning Center of the Hellenic Army General Staff).

MPSOTC Cdr, since June 6th, 2017.

  Moreover, Colonel Geroglis Panagiotis  is experienced  in staff positions of Major formations / formations as follows:

Director of Personnel (G1) in the Armoured Training Centre,

Director of Personnel of Special Security Force for Olympic Games 2004,

Information Officer (G2) – Armoured Brigade level,

Section Chief for Arms Control and International Treaties military in character (CFE, Vienna Document, Open Skies, UN Protocol, Ottawa Mine ban Treaty and others) in the Defence Planning and Programming Directorate of HAGS.

Section Chief for Military Cooperation Programmes in the Defence Planning and Programming Directorate of HAGS.

Staff Officer in NNDP (NATO national defence Planning) in the Defence Planning and Programming Directorate of HAGS.

  In addition to the aforementioned command and staff positions assignments, Colonel Geroglis Panagiotis maintains a training experience in positions such as:

Trainer in the Hellenic Military Academy

Trainer in the Hellenic Police Academy (self defence, tactics and weapons)

Trainer in the Armour Officers School.


  His service abroad includes assignments and representation as follows:

Current Operations and Planning Officer in OSCE / HLPG (High Level Planning Group), dealing with Naghorno – Karabakh crisis, between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Representative of HAGS in NNDP (NATO national planning and programming), NAAG (NATO Army Armaments Group), and FINABEL

Chief of Movements and Transportation in JLSG – KFOR (Joint Logistic Support Group in Kosovo Force NATO).

Has been accredited as Military Advisor of Greece to the United Nations HQ, watching over national contribution to the UN PSOs (Peace Support Operations), such as UNIFIL (United Nations interim Force in Lebanon), UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan), MINURSO (United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara). Moreover, was having under his supervision significant topics such as SSR (Security Sector Reforms), DSR (Defense Sector Reforms), DDR (Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration), POC (Protection of Civilians), protection of journalists, gender issues and human rights violation in PSOs, financial and national reimbursement issues, liaising on a daily basis with SITCEN, DPKO (Department of Peacekeeping Operations), DFS (Department of Field Support) and DPET (Department of Education and Training). During Greek Chairmanship in EU (2014), took over the duties of  EU / EEAS representation in UN 4th Committee and C-34 Committee, for  military and Peace Support issues.    

ΜPAC member (Military and Police Advisors community in the United Nations)

MPAC Special Team member paying on site visits in MONUSCO (Mission de l’ Organization des Nations Unies pour la Stabilization en RD Congo) and  MINUSMA (Mission de l’ Organization des Nations Unies pour la Stabilization en Mali).

Representative of Ministry of Defence to the CGPCS (Contact Group of Piracy in the Coast of Somalia).


  Colonel Geroglis Panagiotis has been graduated from all his Branch school and trainings, Army Staff College, Joint Superior War College and National Defence College as well.

Moreover, has been received special certified training as follows:

Tank firing simulator instructor and supervisor, by Martin Marietta (USA)

Air Defence officer

Special Forces Survivor and escape training in mountainious and snowy areas.

Strategic Information (advanced) 

Special Negotiator in bilateral and Multilateral Diplomacy (Vienna, OSCE and USIP / United States Institute for Peace).

Peace Support Operations planning (advanced – MPSOTC)

CFE inspector ( PfP Ankara)

HUMINT training

CFE /VD Inspector (advanced, NSO – Oberammergau)

NATO Crisis Management (NSO – Oberammergau)

Conflict resolution within the framework of Peace Support Operations and Conflict resolution religious in character (USIP – United States Institute for Peace).

Defence Sector Reforms (DSR by UNITAR – United Nations Training and Research)

Security Sector Reforms (SSR by ASPR – Austrian Studies Center for Peace and Research).

Counter Piracy  in the Horn of Africa (UNITAR – United Nations Training and Research)

Humanitarian Aid Planning and Distribution (USAID – United States for International Development).


  Colonel Geroglis Panagiotis includes in his education a Diploma in Diplomatic and Strategic Studies ( CEDS – Centre d’ Etudes Diplomatiques et Strategiques by ECOSOC) and is MA student in “Applied Strategy and International Security” in the University of Plymouth / UK.

His publications include the “History of Cavalry and Armour in Greece” (limited edition, Athens, 2002) ,  “Negotiations technique”  (HAGS, Athens, 2009), “Greek Armed Forces as a Stability Factor in South East Mediterranean Sea” (thesis in 2011 for CEDS Diploma) and articles in magazines such as “JLSG transportation Coy” in KFOR Chronicles.

  He speaks fluently English and French.


  Has  been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 1993, of Captain in 1998, of Major in 2003, of Lt Colonel in 2009,  and in the rank of Colonel in 2015.  

Colonel  Geroglis Panagiotis has been decorated with the following distinctions during  his service:

Golden Cross of the Order of Phoenix,

Golden Cross of the Order of Honour,

Medal for Military Valour B’ Class,

Medal for Meritorious Command Commendation B’ Class,

Medal for distinguished Staff Officers,

Medal for distinguished military service,

OSCE Medal for MILOBS in Nagorno – Karabach,

NATO Medal for non Article 5 operation KFOR,

  In addition to the aforementioned medals and distinctions, Colonel Geroglis Panagiotis, has been honoured 14 times for his excellent performance, skills and initiatives during his military service inland and abroad.

  Colonel Geroglis Panagiotis loves motorbikes, race sailing, traveling (in more than 40 countries around the globe), classical music, jogging and fitness.

  His moto “..instead the impediments...keep smile and moving Higher..Faster..Stronger, …but Safety comes first...” , express his good attitude and willingness for an open ended improvement, with full respect and dedication to the safety rules and regulations for the staff .

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