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HNDGS Chief visit

HNDGS Chief visit HNDGS Chief visit

   On Friday 17 Jan 2014 HNDGS Chief General Mikhail KOSTARAKOS visited the Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Center (MPSOTC).

   In the framework of his visit, the HNDGS Chief communicated with the MPSOTC staff and was briefed on the mission, the capabilities and the current activities of the Center, which on November 22, 2013 completed 15 years of operation.

   MPSOTC is one of the 26 PfP Training Centers that exist all around the world and is designated as «PfP Training Center in Greece», after respective directive of former NATO General Secretary (George Robertson), on 19th of May 2000. Moreover, it is recognized by UN and conducts the «UN Military Observers’ Course».

   Concluding the visit an exchange of commemorative gifts took place.

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