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DCOM - Academic Director

DCOM - Academic Director

Lt Col (GRC A) Konstantinos A. Konstantiniakos

Hellenic Army

DCOM - Academic Director


     As DCOM and ACADEMIC DIRECTOR of the Hellenic MPSOTC, Kristoni Kilkis, Greece,  Lt Col (GRC A) Konstantiniakos is responsible for all training related issues of the Centre.

     Lt Col (GRC A) Konstantinos A. Konstantiniakos is a native of Paleokomi/Serres and was born in August of 1971. After graduation from high school, he attended Hellenic Military Academy, in 1990. He graduated from the Hellenic Military Academy in 1994 and was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the Infantry.

     He has attended the Infantry Basic Course, the Infantry Advanced Course and the Hellenic Staff and Command School. He has also attended the IOBC School, in Columbus/ Georgia/USA (Fort Benning) (August – December 2001).

     He has served for more than 10 years in different positions in Infantry units, including those of the Battalion S1, S2, S3 and S4. He has served as a Company Commander both in Mechanized Infantry Battalion and Border Line Infantry Battalion. His staff experience includes service in Mobilized Unit. His duties included a variety of issues and especially personnel management, operations and intelligence. He has also served in Avlona/Albania (April – August 1997), as a Mechanized Platoon Leader and in Kosovo (Urosevats and Mitrovitsa) (August – April 2000), as a Mechanized Platoon Leader and Staff Officer.

     Since February 2011, he serves at the Hellenic MPSOTC, as ACOs Support Officer and from August 2011 as DCOM and Academic Director.

     He speaks in different variety levels English and Italian language.

     Lt Col (GRC A) Konstantiniakos has been married to his wife Christina for 12 years and together they are raising two children: Helen and Evangelia (10 and 8 years old). 

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