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Start of NATO CIMIC Basic Course 2011

Start of NATO CIMIC Basic Course 2011 Start of NATO CIMIC Basic Course 2011

On the December 05th 2011 one more NATO CIMIC Basic Course started as scheduled.

            27 students out of 7 different countries (Armenia, France, Greece, Lebanon, Italy, Spain and UK) have responded with participation in this 2 weeks course.

            During the course, students will attend 40 hours of academic classes, where issues relevant to CIMIC TTPs and doctrine are addressed and explained in detail. Moreover, trainees will have the opportunity to carry out field exercises in confidence building in a CIMIC environment, negotiation and liaison techniques, media handling and crisis management.

            During their stay in Greece a tentative program with social events will follow, to allow trainees visit the famous Greek antiquities in the site of Vergina where the tomb of King Phillip II (Alexander’s the Great father) is located and other sightseeing.

Next course to come is the 2 weeks Multinational PSOs Officers Basic Course scheduled to start on the Mar 26th, 2012. Participation of well known national and international Guest Speakers and Instructors from various Institutions is expected.


Purpose of the Multinational PSOs Officers Basic Course:


To prepare officers from different countries for assignment as Platoon Leaders and / or Company Commanders in Peace Support Operations.



Learning Objectives of the Multinational PSOs Officers Basic Course:


            a. Background Knowledge.

            b. International Organizations.

            c. Code of Conduct

            d. Media relations  

            e. Negotiation- Mediation

            f. Orientation Techniques (GPS Training included)

            g. Basic principles of Multinational Operations.

            h. Mine/IED Awareness.

            i. PSO Techniques such as OP - CP duties, Patrolling, Inspection,        

               Negotiation, in theory and practice.

            j. ROEs and Use of Force.

            k. Field Exercise on Peacekeeping Duties



Slots are still available, so nations that may have an interest in this course send your joining report ASAP.

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